Castle View deutsch

A film by Bernd Volkert & Matthias Roth
with Ludwig and Lore Heinl, Heinz Breitfelder

Neidstein Castle was built in 1513 as residence of the noble family Brand. It is situated in the municipality of Etzelwang in Bavaria. In 2006 the american actor Nicolas Cage purchased Neidstein Castle. In March 2009 Cage sold the castle to his Bavarian consultant Konrad Wilfurth.

Schlossblick / 'Castle View‘ is the second part of the Schmidtstadt-Trilogy of Bernd Volkert and Matthias Roth (following 'The Cave Parable', 2005). In the 19 minutes of this documentary they have Heinz Breitfelder, Administrator of Neidstein Castle since nearly 30 years, and Luk Heinl, Mayor of the municipality of Etzelwang since 1990, talk about the circumstances of this occurrence. In their explanations they speak also about the history of the castle and the prospects of the castle and the municipality. As active observers appear also: Lore Heinl, the Mayor’s wife, inhabitants of Tabernackel, the village nearby Castle Neidstein, and tourists, who want to visit the Castle.

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Heinz Breitfelder, administrator of Neidstein castle

Ludwig Heinl, mayor of the municipality of Etzelwang

castle view , DV-PAL, 19 min., german with engl. subtitles,
rolux productions 2006,

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